Saturday, January 31, 2009

How We Found Out

Teresha: It's no secret that we've been trying to get pregnant since we've moved to Dallas. I was getting frustrated with each negative test and Damon kept insisting that it would happen when I stopped worrying about it. Finally, the stars and planets aligned around Thanksgiving weekend. I got my first clue that I was pregnant when I was getting ready for a job interview on December 12 and noticed that the skirt of my suit was a wee bit tight. I took a pregnancy test and surprise, a big-fat-negative! So, I just thought I was bloated since my period was due. After the interview, I got home and passed out asleep on the couch. I felt run-down the entire weekend like I had the flu, but the biggest symptom was that my period was late. That week, I waited patiently for aunt flo to make her monthly visit, too scared to believe that I was pregnant. Finally, I made an appointment with an ob-gyn for Dec. 19. Damon went with me. I peed in a cup and we sat in the exam room. The doctor entered the room and the first thing she said was, "I hear congratulations are in order!" I cried of course. Damon jumped up out of his chair, hugged me and said, "I told you so!" I could not believe it...we're having a baby! We attended Christmas Eve service and thanked the Lord for our blessing.

Damon: It's no secret that Teresha has been trying to get pregnant since we met as fledgling adults at the University of Florida. For over thirteen years, she has been flustered that her place in the Petite family lineage has not been secure. Well it seems that her rise to a matriarch within the Petite clan is nigh. After returning home from graduate school last May, Teresha put me through the compulsory duties required to produce an heir. As we readied ourselves for our trip to Europe, we both knew the intent for the summer was to travel over the pond as two, while returning as three. Unfortunately our tryst throughout the old country proved unfruitful. So, we returned to Dallas sullen yet unfaltering in our conviction to fulfill the obligation undertaken by every couple wed under the watchful eye of the Lord. After months of trying, Teresha began to worry that something was not right. My thoughts tended to focus on the journey, thinking the destination had a timeline of its own. The first clue to our impending joy, was revealed when the doctor entered the examination room and the first thing she said was, "I hear congratulations are in order!". I was a somewhat befuddled - yet I jumped out of my chair as I could see a gigantic smile spreading across my beloved's face. As we embraced, she said: "We're having a baby!" As that moment, I knew that all my years of preparation were not in vain! I exclaimed, "We're having a baby! It's the best Christmas present ever!"