Thursday, February 19, 2009

The First 100 Days

Teresha: I am 100 days pregnant today (roughly 3.5 months)! I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and heart-warming. It has been awesome to talk about pregnancy and parenting with friends who have already taken this journey. Becoming a parent really puts you in another league of people. I feel like we've been told an ancient secret or given membership to an exclusive club. For me, the last 100 days feels like I am in The Odyssey, at the beginning of a bright, new adventure, but with so much more to experience and learn. That said, I am starting to enjoy being pregnant more each day. I am doing things to connect with the baby like talking to him/her and putting the ear buds of my ipod on my belly. Damon doesn't like it when me and the baby whisper about him. I have also been scrapbooking and journaling so that I can share this experience with our child when (s)he is older. Of course, the organizational freak in me has already picked out nursery decor for a boy or girl, interviewed childbirth instructors, created gift registries and planned a hundred other things in advance. Damon thinks I need to relax, but I know that I won't be able to keep up this Superwoman act once the baby arrives, so I might as well get as much done when I have the time and energy. I don't have much of a bump yet, but I promise to post a picture of my rounded belly as soon as I start really showing!

Damon: So, I am still feeling pretty good - no sympathy pains as of yet. I don't like it when Teresha talks crap behind my back to the baby. Butters is keeping on eye on her for me. Like Teresha said, I am a bit more laid back - and since I am not the one pregnant I can relax. The way I see it, if people were able to raise babies hundreds of thousands of years ago - we should be able to figure it it out. Cry, eat, pee, poop, sleep then repeat. I got this on lock-down!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Decision, Decisions, Decisions

Teresha: I never knew how many decisions had to be made in early pregnancy such as registering for childbirth classes. Apparently, they fill up quickly. The hospital keeps calling to get me to enroll in their course, but the hippie nut in me wants a natural birth experience. Expectant mothers have more options these days, and I plan to take full advantage. Our doctor gently suggested that we sign up for something soon. So I have been interviewing hypnobirthing coaches. Thankfully, other decisions are easier to make...breastfeeding, cloth diapers, organic products. Speaking of which, I was pleased to find out that Target has started to carry organic baby products like Nature's Baby Organics that are Paraben, Phthalate, and Sulfate free. Even more exciting, the blogger at Piece of ME, is giving away a gift bag full of Nature's Baby Organics!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Teresha: I am starting to feel better as I approach the end of my first trimester. No more queasiness or tiredness. By week 11, I feel more normal. We start planning how we are going to tell our family and friends about our pregnancy. Of course, we are going to call our immediate family, but we are making a video to share the news with our friends. It's going to be so cute (and corny!). We go see Dr. Foxworth on February 6 for our 3-month check-up. We discuss genetic testing, breastfeeding v. formula, birthing classes, etc... Then she uses a doppler to listen for the heartbeat. She is scanning the surface of my belly, and I see the look on her face change from curious to concern. My own heart starts beating so fast and loud that the mointor picks it up. So, for a moment, I am relieved thinking I am hearing the baby until she says,"that's you." I start to panic, but the doctor calmly directs us to the more sensitive ultrasound machine. Our baby pops up on the screen just waving its arms and kicking its legs. I cry tears of joy and relief. I guess I just had my first mommy scare. Oh, the drama!

Damon: So we had a little scare yesterday. The doctore used the doppler (like the doppler weather radar) to listen for the baby's heartbeat. I could tell something was not right - it took a bit too long. The doctor could not find the heartbeat. I was not too worried, but I was concerned. We popped into the next room and the doc used the ultrasound - and there was BABY! Waving and kicking - it just made it sooo real - you could see the head, hands and feet. So although we had a little stress - it was worth it. I think the munchkin just wanted to say hi - so baby hid from the doppler - how mischevious! : )


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keeping My Big Mouth Shut

Teresha: The toughest thing about weeks 9 and 10 was keeping the good news a secret, but we agreed to wait until we crossed the second trimester. This was even harder to do after seeing the baby. I admit I told a handful people, but they were sworn to secrecy on penalty of death. :-) I have been keeping busy doing research on baby development, nursery decor, baby products, baby names (and job hunting). I have also been occupied with the changes to my body (no, not the ever-swelling boobs). I have noticed a heightened sense of smell and taste and changes in the texture of my skin and hair. I have the normal cravings for ice cream and salty foods, but the weirdest part is that I now find some of my favorite foods unappealing like chicken and chocolate. I also have an insatiable appetite for tomatoes and tomato sauce. I crave lasagna and spaghetti constantly!

Damon: So Teresha banished Butters from the couch for about a month. She said that she could not take his smell - he would not even attempt to lie on the couch with us for about four weeks. It was sad. I am pretty good a keeping secrets, so I only told one person - my boy Tony. He made the mistake of telling me that his wife was pregnant like two or three weeks in - lol. He got into trouble. Ladies, guys don't know that type of stuff! Anyways - I returned the favor. Tony is pretty tight lipped. Yeah - so I have learned how to make home-made spaghetti sauce. It's a combination of my mom's recipe and whatever I have available in the kitchen. All is well on the western front.

A Vision of Love

Teresha: It's week 8, and we have an appointment with Dr. Foxworth. At the doctor's office, I pee in a cup (again?!), stand on the scale (lost 5 pounds), and have my blood pressure taken (perfect!). I lay on the exam table while Dr. Foxworth preps the ultrasound machine. Then the moment arrives...there is our little angel on the monitor! (S)he looks like a gummi bear and her/his little heart is beating so fast. It is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard!

Damon: I was taken aback when the doctor pulled out the "probe" (and I use that term loosely) and the gel for the sonogram. Yeah - guys, if you have not had a kid, the first exam is not the wand over the tummy! I was wondering if we were at the doctors office or a swingers club. Well - I guess that is why guys typically don't accompany women to the ob-gyn. Anyways, after I regained my composure a warm smile spread across my face as I saw our little one and heard his/her heartbeat for the first time. It was amazing.

Vitamins, Hormones, and Boobs, Oh My!

Teresha: Weeks 6 and 7 were the roughest for me. I was tired all the time, had a throbbing headache, and felt some nausea. I am told that my symptoms are mild compared to other women. Whatever. Luckily, I could sleep all day and let the baby grow, which is exactly what I did. I also had no appetite and was very emotional. I cried during every sappy commercial and when the makeovers are revealed at the end of What Not to Wear. On the plus side, my swollen and sore boobs looked amazing! Damon took really good care of me by making me soup and ginger tea. I needed something to wash down all the prenatal vitamins.

Damon: I felt pretty good though weeks 6 and 7. There were a few hiccups with the house not being clean and my underwear not being ironed, but I am a pretty laid back guy, so I let it go. Teresha was emotional and cried at sappy commercials - so not very different from "that time of the month". Being pregnant is pretty easy. I think Teresha is enjoying her blossoming cleavage - a nice added bonus! At this point I knew we were pregnant - but the little freckeled baby was still just a spec on the screen. I can't wait til he/she gets a bit bigger.