Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keeping My Big Mouth Shut

Teresha: The toughest thing about weeks 9 and 10 was keeping the good news a secret, but we agreed to wait until we crossed the second trimester. This was even harder to do after seeing the baby. I admit I told a handful people, but they were sworn to secrecy on penalty of death. :-) I have been keeping busy doing research on baby development, nursery decor, baby products, baby names (and job hunting). I have also been occupied with the changes to my body (no, not the ever-swelling boobs). I have noticed a heightened sense of smell and taste and changes in the texture of my skin and hair. I have the normal cravings for ice cream and salty foods, but the weirdest part is that I now find some of my favorite foods unappealing like chicken and chocolate. I also have an insatiable appetite for tomatoes and tomato sauce. I crave lasagna and spaghetti constantly!

Damon: So Teresha banished Butters from the couch for about a month. She said that she could not take his smell - he would not even attempt to lie on the couch with us for about four weeks. It was sad. I am pretty good a keeping secrets, so I only told one person - my boy Tony. He made the mistake of telling me that his wife was pregnant like two or three weeks in - lol. He got into trouble. Ladies, guys don't know that type of stuff! Anyways - I returned the favor. Tony is pretty tight lipped. Yeah - so I have learned how to make home-made spaghetti sauce. It's a combination of my mom's recipe and whatever I have available in the kitchen. All is well on the western front.

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