Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shower Me with Love, Cake, and Gifts!

Teresha: Damon has been complaining that my posts are too long. So in the spirit of compromise, I will keep this short and sweet. We had a wonderful time this past weekend at our co-ed baby shower in Atlanta. It was one part reunion and one part baby shower, full of celebration and nostalgia. The hardest part of this pregnancy has been being in a new city away from all my family and friends. It was rejuvenating to be surrounded by people "who knew us when" and to share this special moment with them. We hadn't seen most of them in nearly a year. Everyone was so excited about our first baby and it showed in their video messages (which can be viewed on my Facebook page) and thoughtful cards and gifts. I felt so loved! I was also geeked to have my two favorite cakes...Chef Haynes' famous strawberry cake and a carrot cake with whipped, cream cheese frosting from Matty Cakes. Special thanks to the Ruffins who opened their Neighborhood Gallery Arts Center for the event and to the planning committee...Bonita, Charnae, Gwen, Lauren, Tameyer, and Tene. I love you ladies!

Damon: It was nice seeing friends and being back in Atlanta. Oh…life was soooooo simple then. The Atlanta shower was the second one I have attended. While I had a good time at the Atlanta shower, I don’t think that baby showers were meant to be co-ed. Guys don’t write poems about other guys and we really don’t like playing party games – unless they involve drinking. Our friend Tene was nice enough to let us stay with her – thanks Tene! We got to go to our FAVORITE pizza place in the world – Mama Rosa’s in downtown Atlanta. So, all in all it was a great trip. So officially our little bun has visited Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. That is a good amount of travel to be only seven months old!

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