Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Showers (Technically, it was May)

Teresha: Call me crazy! My six-months-pregnant self got on a plane Saturday at 6:00 am CST and flew from Dallas to Miami to celebrate my impending motherhood with friends and family at 1:00 pm EST...the very same day! Not to mention, the swine flu panic was evident at the airport as we saw several people in hospital masks (are they kidding me?). Again, you are free to call me crazy. In my defense, I have adopted this new way of thinking based on the Laws of Attraction (a central philosophy in The Secret). So, I was confident that nothing bad would happen because I took precautions and only had positive thoughts. I did not swell up or get Deep Vein Thrombosis from the flight because I got up and walked around. I did not collapse from exhaustion or dehydration because I took a nap and drank plenty of water. I did not get the pig pneumonia because I kept my immune system healthy with vitamins and lots of fresh, nutrient-rich foods, washed my hands frequently and kept them away from my eyes, nose and mouth (thanks for the tips Dr. E and Dr. Foxworth!). There is something to be said for the power of positive thinking and taking care of yourself. I was glowing and happy and absolutely enjoyed myself. Nothing and no one was going to spoil my special occasion. It was an intimate affair, attended my some really loving people, including a friend from elementary school with whom I recently reconnected on Facebook. Rhonda (BFF, Maid of Honor at my wedding) bought a gorgeous cake, had us play fun baby shower games, and made adorable party favors with rubber duckies and bubble bath products. A good time was had by all! Up next, the Atlanta baby shower!


Future Mama said...

AWWWW! How cute! you are so lucky! I always wondered what would happen if I got pregnant out here with no family.. I wondered if anyone back home would throw me a shower t ofly out to, haha. You're so blessed to have such great family and friends! I'm excited for you!

Jo said...

Oh you look so cute! What a great chance to get to visit friends and see you all prego! I went to Cali when I was 5 months for my "back home" shower - it was so much fun. Hard to believe that was a year ago and I have an 8 month old running around now!!

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