Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Beauty of Mommy Blogger Word-of-Mouth

Teresha: I am relatively new to the blogging thing, although I have been writing and journaling all my life. I got deeper into the blogosphere when I became pregnant and have thoroughly enjoyed reading various mommy blogs. Many of them have these cool custom designs, and I admit to being a little envious. One of the neat things about the mommy blogs is that they are always hosting contests and giving away cool prizes for mommies and kids. So, I am reading the Thursday Tidbits on What's That Smell where she shares that the blogger at Once Upon a Mommy's Quiet Time is hosting a giveaway for a custom blog design from Subjective Beauty! How awesome is that! This is my chance (and yours) to get a blog makeover (valued at $300). Head over to Subjective Beauty and broswe her portfolio then go to Once Upon and Mommy's Quiet Time to enter the contest. The deadline is May 7th. Think you can get in more entries than me?

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Teresha and Damon said...

My favorite design by Sara at Subjective Beauty is "My Kids Might Be Martians"