Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Petite's Anatomy

Teresha: We saw the sonographer today to find out our baby's sex. After basting my belly with goop, she proceeded to take multiple measurements, which took forever. She showed us the face, spine, arms, heartbeat, and legs. Then she finally started examining our baby's nether regions. The little bugger was closed up like a clam, but the technician finally got a peek and said, "you see these three lines, they form the vagina." I knew it all along, and I'm not just saying that. I always felt like the baby I am carrying was going to be a girl. I even dreamed of her playing in our front room, dressed in a purple romper with ruffles on the bottom. Now that my prophecy has been fulfilled, I am scared to death. Granted girls are a lot of fun, but also a lot more work...combing hair, puberty, sketchy boyfriends, prom dresses, graduations, her wedding, and her own foray into motherhood. Wait, I'm not ready! To boost my confidence in raising a girl, I am going to write her a letter. It's going to be a promise that I will be a mother who is committed to raising a strong woman. It will be my personal motherhood mission statement. By the way, I have another prediction...she will be a total daddy's girl. She is going to look and act like Damon, and they are going to gang up on me. :-)

Damon: Today we found out that we are having a little girl! I really did not want to find out the sex until Miss M was delivered, but Teresha is big on “planning”. I do have to say that I am excited. While Miss M will bring a balance to the gender war in the house, Butters and I have already started planning on bringing her over to the dark side. MMM…har, har har... (insert evil laugh). So what was the difference between this sonogram and the last one? Well, while we could see the head and arms/hands the last time, this time there were bones! It was really freaky. We could see her spine (she was curled up with her back to us) and then all the other bones in her body. The sonographer focused in on Miss M’s face and said “oh, she is so cute.” Um hello – the baby looks like Skeletor at this point. Don’t get me wrong – it was awesome, but unless you are like an expert in bone structure – I don’t really know what she was talking about. Having a girl will be a lot of fun. I am already thinking about how to corrupt her (girls can get away with a lot of stuff) and how I am going to try and scare her boyfriends. Oh yeah, she was also sucking her thumb – that was pretty cool. We are also thinking of doing a natural birth at a birthing center. Our doctor was not too…umm what is the word?…supportive. We got a hemorrhage and a dead baby story from her to try and sway us away from the birthing center. People have had babies (and still do) outside of hospitals for a loooong time. Don’t get me wrong, we love Dr. Foxworth, but we are going to side with nature on this one (I think).

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parentingBYdummies said...

Just found you through Psych Mommy and wanted to say congrats! I love baby girls, I guess it's pretty obvious why! So many cute things to buy:)