Sunday, April 26, 2009

Project Nursery

Teresha: So, we started working on Miss M's nursery as soon as we found out she is a she. I know some say it's bad luck to start decorating a nursery too soon, but I can't see myself running around at 8 months trying to get everything in order. By starting early, I get the benefits of taking it step-by-step, and I am giving myself time to relax in my last weeks of pregnancy. My mother-in-law purchased the crib, which has been assembled and fitted with bedding. My very good friends Charnae and Tene (accents on the last e's) came to Dallas this past weekend and voluteered for nursery duty (they might say I drafted them). There is just something about having your girls help you pick out stuff for your baby that makes the process feel like a party. We spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning visiting all the good discount home decor stores...Tuesday Morning, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, Big Lots. We found matching curtains, wallpaper border, and some cute baby clothes! Damon, Charnae and Tene then spent HOURS painting the nursery and matching accesories (I only helped a bit due to the fumes and the fact that painting is the one art form I suck at). The results are faboo!!! The walls are still pretty bare, which I hope to fill with a mural like the flower themed mural from My Wonderful Walls. It's a DIY stencil kit that is easy to apply, even for a art school-reject like me. They also have canvassed wall art that comes ready-to-hang if you can't paint your walls for some reason. Luckily the bloggers at, 3P's in a Pod and What's That Smell are both giving away a gift certificate for a mural kit from My Wonderful Walls! You know I already entered the contests, so what are you waiting for? The deadline for entries is noon CST on April 30.


Felicia said...

How exciting!! I remember creating Graham's nursery!!! So fun!

Maureen said...

Wow! That sounds like so much fun to do everything with your girlfriends! I was so young with my first, none of my friends had any interest in babies. They didn't know what to make of him when he was born either. Maybe you can post some photos when you get the mural up, I am really curious to see what it looks like.

Justice Jonesie said...

I agree, get it done early and allow yourself time to relax before the baby comes. Sounds like you all were very busy. First time visitor, love your blog! Will visit again.

Execumama said...

This part is not only fun, but it scratches the "nesting" itch that we have as inhabitants in the Preggersville. Cute post. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. I haven't done much poking around here yet, but am I right that you're naming baby girl "Marlie"? If so, SWEET! Our first daughter (now age 5, going on 27) is named Marley. Homage to Robert Nesta's legacy of unity through music...den nuh mus!

Painter Mommy said...

I can't wait to see some pictures!

BTW, Thanks so much for stopping by my Painter Mommy blog and sharing about your struggle with stress and ADD. My hope is to one day be able to afford supplements and accupuncture and things like that. But for now, I am stuck with trying to at least east right...which isn't always easy.

I would love to hear more about you. We are definitely similar.

Well, I hope you have a great day. Chat soon, DAWN