Monday, June 1, 2009

Pregnancy is a Process of Self-Discovery

Teresha: I am a spiritual woman, but I am also a thinking woman. This duality has served me well as a human being. I can deal with any situation from a sensitive, yet logical approach. Well, almost any situation. Pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop. It has heightened all my feelings, which now clash when they used to complement each other. It was rough going until we started our childbirth classes recently. Our instructor Leigh Anne teaches Birthing from Within along with the mechanics of birth outlined in the Bradley Method. Birthing from Within focuses on the emotional journey of pregnancy, labor and birthing. We are exploring our anxieties about becoming new parents and learning techniques that will make birthing a positive experience for both of us. As you might have guessed, you have to be open with your feelings to be able to succeed at this. So, in our first class we discussed suppressed feelings, worries, and fears that might interfere with a smooth labor and delivery. Leigh Anne said stress can make the process of giving birth more difficult and painful. That's all I needed to hear to let the floodgates open and let down my guard. I talked openly about the rift between me and my mother. I expressed the hurt over her not being engaged in my pregnancy, not attending my baby shower in Miami, and not calling me on Mother's Day or my birthday. Tears started to form. Leigh Anne thanked me for being honest and assured me that we would work through it so that I could resolve the emotional pain. Afterward, Damon asked me to call my mother. I dug in my heels and said no (I am a Taurus and I do have my pride, darn it!). Later in the week, I was talking to Tene (of nursery painting fame) and asked her opinion. She agreed with Damon (they often gang up on me). I agreed to give it some thought, but God was not letting me off the hook. On Friday, I happened upon my horoscope on Yahoo! This is what it said, "Even though you love them dearly, your family is not totally in sync with you right now. Do not be surprised if you have a hard time communicating with them. Saying what you truly want may feel difficult, but is that a difficulty you are imposing on yourself? Today, come clean with what you are thinking and just speak from the heart. You may be surprised at how warmly you are received. Expect the best, and you will get it." FREAKY! After consulting Damon and Tene, I finally submitted to the universe and called my mommy at work and asked her to call me when she got home. We talked for 2 1/2 hours that evening and I didn't have a meltdown! We both got a lot of junk off our chests, most of it just plain, ole' misunderstandings. I am happy to report that we are well on our way to mending our relationship. I am so loving this journey!


Ronnica said...

I'm not one for horoscopes, but I DO believe in taking personal responsibility for rifts in relationships, no matter who's at fault (and less face it, both sides are usually at fault). Yay for the beginning of a restored relationship!

Robbie S. Redmon, LPC said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering my 1st Big Give-A-Way! I'm following you.


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