Sunday, August 9, 2009

Please, Baby Baby, Please!

Teresha: I thought for sure that the next time I posted it would be about sweet Marlie's birth story. Alas, she was not a full moon baby. My Friday visit to the midwife revealed that I was continuing to show signs of an early delivery. But when? I need a date and time! (I know that's not how it works). She told me that she'd be surprised if I made it to my Wednesday appointment. My mother-in-law arrived yesterday. Maybe Marlie was waiting for her grandma to get here? I started having more regular contractions last night that kept me up, but still nothing. We went to church this morning, despite my exhaustion, to witness our pastor baptizing her daughter. It was such a beautifully moving experience and tied in with the message of what children can teach us about spirituality. I can attest that the process of being pregnant and becoming a mother has brought me closer to God. I have been humbled by carrying new life. I find myself letting my guard down and letting go of the hurt and distrust or what Pastor Courtney calls "cleaning out the chambers of the heart." Now I feel ready to experience the unconditional love that is Marlie. I am so ready! So, come on Marlie! Please, baby baby, please! Maybe she knows mommy needs more lessons in patience. :-)


Marrdy said...

Come on Marlie, be a good girl and make your entrance (and try not to give Mommy too hard of a time!)

I love this post. You have said what ll of us who have had children think in our last few weeks. Maybe the baptism will be the trick! Let's hope!

The Redhead Riter said...

You have to make sure that you save all the post from your blog for a book for your baby when she grows up. I'm going to do that for Alyssa too :o)

So practice your hoooo hoooo heeee heeee's, go vacuum (LOL) and just remember: You are about to experience the greatest moment of your life. Almost makes me cry!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Push Push!!! She's bound to come out if you keep annoying her! Good Luck and I speak Blessings into you and the baby's life!

Visiting from SITS

Night Owl Mama said...

awww I'm sorry sweetie I remember when..
My boy didn't come out til' 41 weeks seemed like he'd never be evicted. ENjoy these last few days of being pregnant Memorize every kick and every little wiggle. Enjoy those quiet movies you get cause you won't enjoy another for yrs. Soon she'll arrive and not a moment before God says she ready. HUG
Stoping by from the SITS to say hello

Robbie S. Redmon, LPC said...

She'll be here soon. This was a beautiful post!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Awww! Hugs, she'll be here soon enough! Maybe, not exactly when you want her to, but she'll be right on time. :-)

I had all early deliveries with my first three, and this last one kept me on bed rest my last trimester, In and out of the hospital giving me every medication you can think of to stop pre term labor, and finally after they took me off of the meds he came exactly on his due date. Lol

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

Babies come when they are ready!!! Funny how that works. Thinking of you and wishing you the best!